Revolutionary laser acne treatment

#Laseracnetreatment #BotoxandFillers

New to the clinic is the laser acne treatment using E light to destroy bacteria in the skin, and stop the sebaceous glands in the skin from producing excess sebum. We have had fantastic results from our trials, and in the majority of our trial clients, their acne has never returned. This trial was done on clients that had tried every other treatment out there for acne. We are doing a one off introductory offer of 3 treatments for £60. Thereafter the treatments will be charged at £45 per treatment. Please see pictures below of 2 clients results after just 4 treatments. Bare in mind that after the acne inflamation has gone there are some red marks that will take up to a year to subside.



We have a new Dr. In the clinic doing Botox and fillers. Dr. Nick Charalambous is Harley Street trained under Harley Academy, which was awarded highly commendable in 2015 Aesthetic Awards. The cost for filler is £250 per syringe, or £450 for 2 syringes. The charge for Botox is £180 for one area, £215 for 2 areas and £250 for 3 areas.