DERMAL Fillers

Are you embarrassed by those stretch marks? Do those acne scars make you feel self conscious? Don't let those worries bother you any longer. Try my dermal roller treatment today.

Stretch marks (or striae as they are referred to in dermatological terms) are caused when an individual’s skin is stretched too quickly: More accurately, the skin is torn rather than stretched. They are most common around the stomach area, breasts, thighs and hips. Both men and woman can suffer from them and they affect the majority of the adult population. Fortunately, for all of us, they pose no health risks and are simply a cosmetic concern.

Similarly, acne scars, as well as other scars, are caused when the skin is damaged, and then replaced quickly. They are just our body doing what it does to protect itself from infections, but the resulting look can be of great concern to some people

Of course, these concerns grow in the warmer seasons as we begin to expose more of our bodies.  As a result, more people look for a suitable stretch mark and scar reduction treatment.

Dermal rollers can do this, as they encourage the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. It's a lack of these two chemicals which cause abrasions to the skin to form, but by using dermal rollers, I can help your skin replenish both of these, and help it to renew and repair itself. It's a much less invasive way to help your skin compared to laser treatments and chemical peels. Dermal rollers can also be used for anti wrinkle and hair loss treatment too.

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Anti Wrinkle Injectables and Dermal Fillers, done by a Harley street trained Doctor.