If dieting and exercise aren't working for you, then try my new non-invasive liposuction treatment Cavislim, which stimulates fast, effective cavitation results, without the risks of surgery, scarring or infection!

Cavislim is a hi-tech treatment that allows us to selectively and efficiently remove the build up of fat (cellulite, orange peel syndrome) from our body. It's a safe, easy procedure which will get rid of that unwanted excess in a quick, pain free way.

Cavislim technology uses ultrasound emissions which produces the physical phenomenon known as cavitation. Cavitation is a non-invasive (surgery free) body shaping technique that reduces volume by eliminating cellulite and localised fat deposits in the abdomen, hips, flanks, arms, inner thighs and knees. The ultrasound emissions simply break up those fatty deposits, turning them into liquid which naturally passes out of your body.

Its an extremely effective treatment because we can choose specific areas of the body that we want to work. It's completely safe, has fast, noticeable, long lasting results, and can get your body looking toned and great in no time at all!

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